About us

Nookom (EEIG) is a grouping of consultancies from member states of the
European Union.
The network established in 2012 with the aim at providing services to the
institutions of the European Union

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consulting, mainly involving communication - media techniques and organization of trainings, conferences, courses, seminars, meetings, study visits, cultural events and social activities<br />

Human resources and capacity building

including especially the analysis and development of team leaders, organization of individual consultancy and group seminars, events and trainings<br />


and Project management in the field of projects and funds of the European Union.

Full and associated members

Full and associated members are present in the Asian, African, Latin American, Mediterranean and ex-Tacis regions. As a European Economic Interest Group, EEIG, the members of Nookom are registered in a EU member state. Associate EU and non-EU members have a specialization advantageous to the Nookom network.

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