Major international cooperation and financial institutions

European Commission, European Parliament, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, UN Agencies, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, bilateral Aid Agencies.

Public and private clients

such as small businesses, large consulting firms, manufacturing and construction companies, public institutions, public and private associations, research centers and universities.

Technical Assistance

Western Balkans: The EU Perspective in Kosovo. EUPK is a European Union-funded Project of Nookom, which communicates with the people of Kosovo about their EU ambitions and how to achieve them. This project works with leading partners – government, civil society, media, municipal authorities, young people – to stimulate and inform discussion about EU issues, so that these groups can take the debate further amongst wider Kosovan public audiences. This involves using all available communication tools and media – TV, radio, newspapers, internet, e-mail and “social networks” such as Facebook and Twitter – as well as providing communications training and support to our partners, developing educational material and carrying out traditional PR activities.  Project duration: 05/2010 – 09/2014

Western Balkans: Support to the Media, Kosovo. The project was to contribute to the development of high editorial standards for employees in print and broadcast media and at supporting the Kosovo Media Institute in line with best European practices. Project duration: 06/2007 – 06/2009

Western Balkans: Support to Kosovo Media Institute – Phase II Kosovo. Under the new project, the Kosovo Media Institute (KMI) was to assume a media advocacy and consultancy role as well. The institute had to grow into being the spider in the Kosovo media web, becoming the natural focal point in Kosovo for training, advocacy and dialogue. The results to be achieved reflected the widened scope of activities, emphasizing the institute’s task of strengthening the media.  Project duration: 09/2009 – 11/2011,

European Commission: Audio-visual material, Events and Communication campaigns of DG JLS (Justice Freedom and Security), EU, project duration: 5/2008 – 5/2012

European Commission Design and production of information supports for EU DG REGIO communication (I – IV) – 2007-2010 EU, project duration: 07/2007 – 07/2011


Nookom, in consortium with Methods & Planning (SK), and Vadear (BE), has been awarded for the FWC COMM Lot 3 – Multiple Framework contract to make logistical organization of events, such as conferences.

Detailed technical description of Lot 3 – Organization of Events includes organization and logistics for:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Training
  • Study visits

Services include flights booking, assistance for visa, hotel booking, local transfers, conference facilities booking, arrangements for interpretation services, secretarial support etc.

Location Specific Contract Number Title and descriotion Date of the event(s)
1 Ivory Cote 2019/410607 COPERNICUS Global Land Monitoring Service –
HotSpot Monitoring Workshop
November – December 2019
2 Gambia 2019/409569 9th African Union & European Union Civil Society Human Rights Seminar 2019” Octorber 2019
3 Belgium 2019/408751 Working Group for the Mediterranean Countries November 2019
4 Gabon 2019/406594 Organization of the meeting of experts and Ministers of the Steering Committee for Institutional Reform of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) June 2019
5 Argentina 2019/405738 DEVCO LAC REGIONAL SEMINAR 2019 May 2019
7 Portugal 2018/403603 EU-LAC Cultural Forum 2019 March 2019
8 Belize 2018/401474 EU – CELAC WORKSHOP ON CITIZEN SECURITY 2019 January 2019
9 Democratic Republic of Kongo 2018/399882 Organisation logistique de l’Atelier Programme Frontières et COPIL PARCIC 2018 November 2018
10 Mauritania 2018/398787 FIGE Symposium – OLAF training October 2018
12 Algeria 2018/397663 ALGÉRIE
October – November 2018
13 Belgium 2018/397554 Somalia Partnership Forum July 2018
14 Panama 2018/396721 DEVCO Regional Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean June 2018
15 Belgium / Serbia / Morocco 2018/396094 2018 meetings for DG NEAR centres of thematic expertise and monitoring & evaluation correspondents’ network June 2018 – October 2019
16 Belgium 2018/396559 Organization of the 4th session of the Steering Committee of the 11th EDF Regional Indicative Program April 2018
17 UAE / Thailand / France / Austria / Belgium / USA / Italy / Switzerland / South Africa 2017/394217 Logistics for sustainable energy and climate change related events during 2018 January – November 2018
18 India 2017/392235 Support to EU Delegation to India in organising three events under Development Cooperation Initiatives April – December 2018
19 Algeria 2017/391897 Algeria “European Festival 2018” April – May 2017
20 Belarus and Azerbaijan 2017/389088 Seminars on Communication and Visibility September – December 2018
21 Mexico 2017/388764 2017 EU-Mexico Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights October 2017
22 Egypt / Lebanon / Georgia / Jordan / Ukraine / the West Bank 2017/388184 Workshops, events, and communication activities related to the promotion of the European External Investment Plan (EIP) November 2017 – July 2018
23 South Africa 2017/388066 Regional Seminar of Southern African and Indian Ocean States October 2017
24 Cameroun 2017/387765 17th Meeting of Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership October 2017
25 Belgium 2017/386990 Organisation of the 19th EU – NGO Forum on Human Rights December 2017
26  Uzbekistan 2017/386745 Logistical Support to DEVCO Regional Seminar for Central Asia July 2017
27 Colombia 2017/386681 Seminar, publication and communication on OXFAM Project DCI-FOOD/213/322-439 outcomes systematization June 2017
28 Netherlands / Panama 2017/385712 EU-CELAC seminars on Citizen Security September 2017  and January 2018
30  Belgium and Outside EU 2016/380487 Climate changes and Financial instruments October 2016
31 Ecuador 2016/377032: Communication work of the EU – Urban Development sector Actions October 2016
32 Argentina 2016/376147 Consultation seminar on regional programmes with LA Partners Buenos Aires October 2016
33 Afghanistan / North Ireland 2016/375378 Organisation of a training programme for Afghan Women employed in leadership positions of the High Peace Council June –  July 2016
34 India 2016/374100 Regional Seminar South Asia and Central Asia October 2016
35 Togo  2016/375545 Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government on Maritime Security and Development for Africa October 2016


Nookom, in consortium with Methods & Planning (SK), and Vadear (BE), has been awarded for the FWC BENEF 2013 – Multiple Framework contract to recruit short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from European Union external aid, LOT 5: Conferences.  FCm Travel Solutions (BE) is associated to Nookom for this FWC.

The objective of the FWC BENEF 2013 is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, logistic support for conferences and similar event organisations, which can be mobilised at very short notice. The Lot 5 covers the organization and logistics for:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Training
  • Study visits

Services include flights booking, assistance for visa, hotel booking, local transfers, conference facilities booking, arrangements for interpretation services, secretarial support etc.  The support excludes selecting and supervising of technical expertise covered by other Lots of the FWC BENEF 2013. The quality of the services, which can be performed by internal or external expertise, is guaranteed by the Framework Contractor disposing of the appropriate internal technical skills and resources.  The assignments carried out under this Lot may cover any geographic area, within or outside the EU.

  1. Location Specific Contract Number Title and descriotion Date of the event(s)
    1 South Africa 2018/396206 “Breaking Barriers to Entry (BB2E) Programme Implementation piloting with a group of unemployed youth graduates in the EU – National School of Government (NSG) Public Service Training & Capacity Building Programme” June – Jul 2018
    3 South Africa 2017/393318 “Logistical support services towards organisation of introductory Open
    Learning Workshops for the Technical and Vocational Education and
    Training (TVET) Colleges and Universities”
    2018 – 2019
    4 Turkey 2017/TREESP4.1. TASOP/P-05 “Organizing Sectoral Monitoring Committee Meetings of EESP SOP 2014-20202 in Turkey” April – November 2018
    May 2018
    6 Zimbabwe 2017/389368 “CAMPFIRE Review Consultation Workshops” February 2018
    7 Colombia 2017/388453 DEVCO REGIONAL SEMINAR FOR LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN – 2017 October 2017
    9 Bonaire 2017/387490 11TH EDF OCT REGIONAL PROGRAM – GOVERNMENT
    November 2017
    10 Belgium / Serbia /     Turkey 2017/387412 Technical workshops for ICT for IPA countries September – November 2017
    12 Djibouti 2017/385555 Regional Seminar May 2017
    13 Belgium 2017/385288  Support to EU EOM Participation to European Development Days Brussels, Belgium June 2017
    14 Ecuador 2017/385236 EUROCLIMA 2 Event in Ecuador June 2017
    15 Italy 2017/385021 Train the Trainer course on Radiation Detection Techniques and Procedures for Cambodia May 2017
    16 Algeria 2017/384726 Organisation logistique du 18èmes Festival culturel européen en Algérie, de la 5ième Participation de l’UE au Salon International du Livre d’Alger, des 9èmes Rencontres euromaghrébines des écrivains, et du 3ème prix de l’Excellence de l’UE au meilleur jeune talent du FIBDA 2017 May 2017
    17 Bosnia I Herzegovina / Belgium 2017/384101 Support to the Organisation of the IPA Multi Country Coordination Meetings June – November 2017
    18 Rwanda 2016/383990 Agriculture Policy Workshop March 2017
    19 Belgium 2016/383601 6TH EU-BRAZIL CIVIL SOCIETY SEMINAR ON HUMAN RIGHTS April 2017
    20 Tanzania 2016/383017 REPOA’s 22nd annual research workshop 2017 March 2017
    21 Belgium 2016/380279 Organisation Logistique de visites de journalistes algériens à Bruxelles November 2017 and September 2018
    22 South Africa 2016/380177 Seminar: “ Improving the effectiveness of university teaching through assessment and accreditation of academics as teachers” March – May 2017
    23 South Africa 2016/378474 Sustainability Transition Policy Dialogue Workshops February – June 2017
    24 South Africa / France / Germany 2016/378470 “Policy dialogue between SA and EU Chambers on engaging with private sector to encourage investment in research, development and innovation” September – October 2017
    25 2016/378439 International SA-EU Colloquium – Framework for
    Interaction, Coordination & Collaboration in
    PostSchool Education & Training
    January – May 2017
    26 South Africa 2016/378413 Policy Dialogue between SA and EU to address Human Resources Development challenges for south Africa public entities November – December 2016
    27 South Africa / France / Germany 2016/378157 “Support to Dialogue with European Partners on a Strategic National Smart Grid Vision for the South African Electricity Industry” June – November 2017
    28 Italy 2016/377935 Colloque Anniversaire du Congrès de Milan Octobre 2016
    29 Algeria 2016/377829 Organisation logistique et médiatisation des 8èmes Rencontres euromaghrébines des écrivains ; participation de la DUE au Salon international du Livre d’Alger (SILA)
    30 Afghanistan / Ireland 2016/377740 EU/ Sponsored Tailored Lessons / Sharing Programme on post conflict negotiation
    31 Malawi 2016/376431 2nd Malawi Investment Forum (MIF 2016)
    32 Italy 2016/375151 IASE – 2016
    33 Congo RDC 2016/374376 Organisation du colloque : « Le concept d’architecture durable est actualisé et socialisé en RDC »
    34 Burkina Faso 2016/374083 West Africa regional programming seminar
    35 Mexico 2016/373748 Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights
    36  Thailand 2016/373010 National Front Line Officer Training on Radiation Detection Techniques and Procedures
    37  Belgium 2016/372990 Collect More – Spend Better, Facing the Challenges of the 2030 Agenda
    38 Belgium / Western   Balkan countries 2016/347787 Support to the Implementation of the SEETO strategic work Programme – provide administrative support for the SEETO working groups and workshops
    39  Algeria 2015/367931 Organisation du Diner de CARE à l’occasion de son 15ème anniversaire
    40 South Africa 2015/366683 Symposium: Establishing Communities of Practise for Primary Mathematics and Early Literacy
    41  Jamaica 2015/366654 DEVCO Seminar for the Caribbean
    42 Paraguay 2015/364259 Support to the organization of the EUROCLIMA 2 working meeting
    43 Belgium 2015/362467 17TH EU – NGO Forum on Human Rights December 2015
    44 Greece 2015/362073 Training Course on Developing a Defence in Depth Approach for the Detection of Transboundary Movement of Nuclear and Radioactive Material out of Regulatory Control
    45 Algeria / Belgium 2014/367700 Organisation logistique des expositions à Alger et Bruxelles (Parlement européen) des photographies euro-algériens sur le thème “patrimoine constantinois, regards croisés”
    46 Indonesia 2014/354106 Organisation and Management of Strategic Coordination Meetings of EU-ASEAN Cooperation Programme
    47 Algeria 2014/354002 Organisation logistique des 7èmes rencontres euromaghrébines d’écrivains, en combinaison avec la participation de la Délégation de l’Union Européenne au 20ème Salon Internationale du livre d’Alger
    48 Ethiopia 2014/353395 Worldwide Summit of Women in Parliaments 2015
    49 Belgium 2014/351436 PALOP – TL Programme November 2014
    50 Belgium 2014/350774 Logistic support for Steering Committee Meetings of the 10th EDF Intra-ACP programme “Support to the Air transport sector and Satellite service applications”
    51 Belgium 2014/349386 2015 Meeting of EU CBRN CoE National Focal Points
    52 Algeria 2014/348419 Organisation logistique de la 2ème résidence des photographes euro-algériens sur le thème “patrimoine constantinois, regards croisés”
    53 Tunis / Tbilisi    / Uganda / Thailand 2014/347567 Support to the consultations of the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Development
    54 Belgium 2014/347487 Rural Electrification workshop September 2014
    55 Indonesia / Malaysia /     Bali / Thailand 2014/346833 Organisation and Management of Activities under Component 6: Human Rights of Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) Facility
    56 Belgium 2014/346432 Meeting in Brussels in the frame of implementation of an EU INSC project: regional cooperation on EP&R in SEA
    57 Indonesia 2014/346120 Workshop in South East Asia in the frame of implementation of an EU IFS CBRN CoE Project 28 in SEA September – October 2014
    58 Nigeria 2014/345445 Government to Government Dialogue on Development Cooperation Conference
    59 Belgium 2014/344454 EU-NGO Forum on Human Rights 2014
    60  Benin 2014/343278 Support to the organisation of the “Continental Conference on the Death Penalty”
    61 South Africa / Belgium 2014/343215 Identifying and showcasing good practice and learning in EU-Strategic Partner policy dialogue
    62 Kazakhstan 2014/337656 Innovative Internet for Research and Higher Education
    63  Belgium / Central Africa 2014/337637 Organisation des réunions de négociation de l’Accord de Partenariat Economique (APE) entre l’Union Européenne (UE) et les Etatsde l’Afrique Centrale (AC)
    64 Belgium / Africa 2014/337610 Logistic support for Steering Committee meetings of the programme ”Support to the Maritime transport sector in Africa”
    65  Turkey / Belgium 2014/337590 Support to the organisation of Multi-Beneficiary IPA Programme Coordination Meetings 2014
    66 Kenya  2015/358084 Support to High Level Technical Conference on the Addis Ababa – Berbera Corridor
    67  Cambodia National Front Line Officer Training on Radiation Detection Techniques and Procedures
    68 South Africa Towards the development of a framework to enhance interaction, coordination and collaboration between relevant stakeholders


Nookom, in consortium with Methods & Planning (SK), and Vadear (BE), has been awarded with a four years framework contracts in cascade on external assistance for external communication activities in the fields of public health, consumers and food safety. The framework contract is about communication services in the exclusive interest of Chafea, the European Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency.

The executive agency with seat in Luxembourg is in charge of the implementation of the EU Health Programme, the Consumer Programme and the Better Training for Safer Food Initiative. Within these schemes, the agency is managing the selection, implementation and evaluation of some 400 projects and contracts with more than 2800 beneficiaries.

The framework contract covers a broad range of communication services reaching from event management to editorial content, graphic design and audio-visual production with an available budget of up to 1 million € per year.

framework Contract ENPI – Southern cooperation (2014-2015)

Nookom, in consortium with Methods & Planning (SK), and Vadear (BE), has been awarded for the Organisation of Conferences, seminars and meetings in the Framework of the  European  Neighbourhood Policy (Southern Cooperation), the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the  Union for the Mediterranean” EuropeAid/134027/C/SER/MULTI.

Services included flights booking, assistance for visa, hotel booking, local transfers, conference facilities booking, arrangements for interpretation services, secretarial support etc. No less than Fourty-eight events have been organised in a period of 10 months:

no. Location Event  Duration
1 Naples, Italy Participation of Mediterranean representatives to the 2014 SME Assembly “Growth Through Enterprise: Exploiting the Opportunities Ahead” & European Enterprise Awards 2014: 1-3 October 2014
2 Cairo, Egypt EMERG Workshop on FTTH (Fibre to the home) regulatory policies.  (EMERG regulatory cooperation issue category) 10-11 November 2014
3 Brussels, Belgium Union for the Mediterranean Trade Senior Officials meeting(Preparatory meeting for the 10th Trade Ministerial Conference) and 1st Euro-Mediterranean Business Forum, and  10th Union for the Mediterranean Trade Ministerial Conference 29-30 September 2014
4 Brussels, Belgium Euromed National Coordinators meeting 17 November 2014
5 Athens, Greece Iron and steel mills in the Mediterranean: pollution loads and pollution reduction prospects 14-16 October, 2014
6 Brussels, Belgium 8th Technical Regional Workshop of the IMP-MED Project (Brussels, 21 October 2014),  7th Meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in the Mediterranean (Brussels, 21-22 October 2014), and 10th Euromed Meeting of the Maritime Working Group 23 October 2014
7 Naples, Italy Regional Seminar Civil Society (Pilot Phase Activity) 27-28 October, 2014
8 Tunis, Tunisia Euromed Audiovisual III – final conference 2-3 December 2014
9 Nicosia, Cyprus Euromed Summit of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions 26-27 November 2014
10 Rome, Italy High Level Conference on the Euro-Mediterranean energy partnership – Ministry of Foreign Affairs 18-19 November 2014
11 Brussels, Belgium

Extraordinary meeting of the SCP/RAC National Focal Points in the framework of the development process of an SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean.


25- 26 November 2014
12 Barcelona, Spain TIFM Workshop (Trade and Investment Information Mechanism) 27-28 November 2014
13 Brussels, Belgium 13th meeting of the EUROMED Working Group on Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment 16 December 2014
14 Brussels, Belgium Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean-Euro-Mediterranean Employment and Labour High-Level Working Group 28 January, 2015
15 Brussels, Belgium Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean-Euro-Mediterranean Employment and Labour High-Level Working Group 28 January 2015
16 Brussels, Belgium Workshop on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of fight against piracy and counterfeiting 15 January 2015
17 Barcelona, Spain EMERG Benchmark Conference 28–29 January 2015
18 Brussels, Belgium Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean-Euro-Mediterranean Employment and Labour High-Level Working Group 28 January 2015
19 Brussels, Belgium Workshop on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of fight against piracy and counterfeiting 15 January 2015
20 Barcelona, Spain EMERG Benchmark Conference 28-29 January 2015
21 Brussels, Belgium Meeting of the Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean Industrial Cooperation 24-25 February 2015
22 Brussels, Belgium Consultation meeting on the SWIM II programme (Supporting Mechanism and Demonstration projects) and the Horizon 2020 Supporting Mechanism 3 – 4 March 2015
23 Barcelona, Spain EMERG Plenary 6 March 2015
24 Brussels, Belgium EUROMED Trade Senior Officials Working Group 26 March 2015
25 Brussels, Belgium EuroMed Gas Platform 5 March 2015
26 Brussels, Belgium The Euromed Transport Forum 25 March 2015
27 Brussels, Belgium Workshop on “Freedom of Expression on line and offline and freedom of Association” 10 – 22 April 2015
28 Brussels, Belgium Civil society forum 28 – 29 May 2015
29 Barcelona, Spain Brainstorming on the UfM Platforms on the Regional Electricity Market and renewable energy/energy efficiency, BARCELONA, 19-20 March 2015 19 – 20 March 2015
30 Algiers, Algeria 5+5 Ministerial on a 5+5 water strategy (31st March 2015), preceded by a 5+5 technical meeting (30th March 2015) 30-31 March 2015
31 Barcelona, Spain ENP review Ministerial Meeting 13 April 2015
33 Amman, Jordan 1st meeting of the ad hoc Work Group “JOB CREATION” – follow up to the Union for the Mediterranean- High Level Working Group on Employment and Labour 19 May 2015
34 Brussels, Belgium UfM Platforms REM and RES/EE 27 April 2015
35 Brussels, Belgium 1st meeting of the ad hoc Work Group “Social Dialogue” – follow up to the Union for the Mediterranean- High Level Working Group on Employment and Labour 27 May 2015
36 Athens, Greece a) the UfM Stakeholders’ Conference on Blue Economy (on 27 May in Athens), (b) the Ad-hoc Senior Official meetings in view of the UfM Ministerial on Blue Economy (on 28 May in Athens), (c) the European Maritime Day (EMD) Conference (on 28-29 May in Athens) 27-29 May 2015
37 Brussels, Belgium Ad-hoc Senior Officials meeting
in view of the UfM Ministerial on Blue Economy
11 May 2015
38 Morocco Ufm Climat energy week 4 – 7 May 2015
39 Brussels, Belgium Preparatory meeting for the launching of the Gas Platform
May 11, Brussels
11 May 2015
40 Barcelona, Spain Ad hoc SOM on gender 19 May 2015
41 Brussels, Belgium Trade and Investment Facilitation Mechanism – Focal Points meeting 2 – 4 June 2015
42 Beirut, Lebanon ENP Review 23 – 24 June 2015
44 Lisbon, Portugal EMERG Workshop on NRAs powers to request information 15 – 17 June 2015
45 Brussels, Belgium Official launching of the Gas Platform
+ OME / EC conference on Gas challenges in the Mediterranean
11 June 2015
46 Barcelona, Spain Steering committee Barcelona 15-16 June 2015 15 – 16 June 2015
47 Barcelona, Spain High level BEREC-EMERG-EaPeReg-Regulatel Summit 2 – 3 July 2015
48 Barcelona, Spain UfM Energy Platforms – Ad hoc SOM on Energy 23 July 2015